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If you have been injured to do the negligent action or inaction of another person or party, you may be entitled to compensation. There are many benefits to hiring a New Jersey personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Having experienced legal counsel on your side may mean the difference between financial hardship and a fair settlement or verdict. 

Below, the personal injury attorneys at Wiley Lavender Maknoor, PC, will discuss when you should hire a New Jersey personal injury attorney.

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What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is a term used to describe legal cases involving injury to a person’s body, emotions, or reputation caused by the negligence of a person or party.

To have a valid personal injury case, your New Jersey personal injury lawyer must be able to prove the presence of negligence, which is made up of four legal elements. 

Duty of care 

The defendant owes a legal duty of care to the injured person, which means they must act with reasonable care. For example, a driver has the duty to drive according to traffic laws. 

Breach of duty

A breach happens when the defendant does not fulfill their duty of care. For example, a driver who fails to stop at a stop sign has breached their duty to obey traffic laws. 


The breach of duty must be the cause of the injury. If a driver speeds through a red light and hits a car in the intersection, their behavior is the cause of the accident. 

Damage or harm

Actual compensable damages must have occurred. If you were hit by a car but were not injured, and the accident had no impact on your financial, mental, physical, or emotional well-being, you are not owed compensation. 

Types of Personal Injury Accidents

There are many types of personal injury lawsuits. These are some of the most common that New Jersey personal injury lawyers come across: 

If your situation does not fall into one of these categories, that does not mean you do not have a valid case. An experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer can help you evaluate whether you have a personal injury claim. 

When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

In New Jersey, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the date the injury occurred. If you fail to file within this time period, you will likely be barred from seeking legal recovery. 

Many injury victims assume that two years is plenty of time. In fact, it goes by very quickly. It is important to note that over time, evidence can become more difficult to obtain.

Documents can be misplaced, and witnesses are harder to track down. The sooner you hire a New Jersey personal injury attorney, the better for your case.

Contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

The New Jersey personal injury lawyers of Wiley Lavender Maknoor understand the complexities of the state’s legal system and are committed to helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.

We can evaluate your case and make sure you understand your legal rights and options. Contact us to schedule a case consultation. 

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