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Specializing in Personal Injury, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, DUI/DWI, Litigation and Corporate Law



Personal Injury

No one is ever prepared for the emotional and financial toll that an accident can cause. Whether you have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, brain injury, construction accident, slip and fall, dog bite, wrongful death or any other type of injury, our legal team will work tirelessly to make sure you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

Real Estate

If you are buying, selling, developing or refinancing, our attorneys have the necessary understanding of the state regulations and local ordinances that proliferate in New Jersey, and can make the process as smooth as possible - for you, anyway.

We represent clients in all residential and commercial real estate transactions and proceedings including purchase and sale, land development, construction, mortgages, foreclosures, leases, land use and zoning, title examinations, tax deferred exchanges, closings and management. 

Land Use and Zoning

We represent clients in all residential and commercial real estate transactions and proceedings including purchase and sale, land development, construction, mortgages, foreclosures, leases, land use and zoning, title examinations, tax deferred exchanges, closings and management.  Whether you just need a set-back variance for your new garage, or you have a 100-house subdivision that needs to undergo the exhaustive scrutiny of a municipal planning board, our attorneys know how to guide your project toward approval.

Our clients include developers, contractors, landlords, tenants, homeowners' associations, and buyers and sellers of real property.

DUI/DWI Defense

In New jersey, even a first drunken-driving conviction can be ruinous. That's why our legal system provides many safeguards from over - zealous and flawed enforcement.  We know how to apply those safeguards in defense of our clients. The rules are complex for enforcing drunken-driving laws and ensuring that any testing is done properly. Police Officers are often conducting their traffic stops and investigations late at night, in all kinds of weather, beset by responsibilities and distractions. Mistakes can and do happen. We are aggressive and experienced attorneys who will challenge every assertion and allegation in the prosecution's case, as we wage a vigorous defense.

Commercial Litigation

Our lawyers combine legal skill, business experience, and aggressive advocacy to achieve our clients' litigation objectives.

We represent individuals and businesses, asserting their rights and minimizing their liabilities, in contracts, sales, transportation, purchases, and other transactions relating to all areas of commerce.

We are active throughout the state in all aspects of litigation.

Business & Corporate Law

We represent business clients in every facet of their commercial endeavors, including business organization, negotiation and documentation of transactions, and real estate contracts.  Our extensive experience includes purchases and sales, agreements among members of business organizations, financing transactions, and a range of other documents tailored to the client's particular needs and desires.


We also assist clients in matters regarding directors' and officers' liability, dissolution, franchising, reorganization, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, business successions, shareholders' rights, and trade-association membership activity. 



While life has been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, we continue to focus on the needs of our clients.  Our team has planned for this national health crisis and has the ability to serve our clients remotely should that requirement arise.  We are ready to adapt as circumstances change.  We are here for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns about your matter.


The attorneys of Wiley Lavender Maknoor help individuals, families, and businesses throughout the State of New Jersey.

Whether you are buying a house or planning to build a development, going to municipal court, injured as a result of someone else's negligence, structuring a business or suing a nonperforming contractor -- navigating the law can be confusing.  You need experienced counsel -- attorneys who take the time to understand your goals and guide you toward achieving those goals with vision, integrity and a thorough knowledge of the law.

We believe in preventing legal issues by carefully crafting contracts as well as using a variety of other legal tools.  But, if trouble occurs, we know how to minimize damage.  We negotiate settlements when we can, because that is often the most cost-effective course for the client.  However, we are not afraid to fighter for your rights and interests in the courtroom using our aggressive trial experience.

We are accessible and responsive.  We know which problems have legal remedies and which do not, and we explain the possibilities and probabilities of each choice so that our clients can make informed decisions.  Wiley Lavender Maknoor will not take on a client if we do not think we can make a difference.

Our offices, in Metuchen, New Jersey, are centrally located in Middlesex County, allowing us to conveniently service clients in Union, Monmouth, Somerset, and Mercer counties, as well as anywhere else in New Jersey.

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