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Divorce is usually not an easy process. Emotionally, you are bringing an end to a relationship, and it means a period of transition for you. Also, you must bring the legal aspects of your relationship to a conclusion. This could mean resolving issues such as division of property and custody. In general, there are several obstacles that you would need to surmount.

Emotional Issues and Challenges

You have to get the support that you need during the process. At a minimum, you must have a support network of a few trusted friends and family members to whom you rely, both during and after the divorce.

Financial Obstacles to Overcome

Divorce can be financially challenging. The two incomes that previously supported one household must now support two. Your standard of living will likely change. One of the hurdles is for you to understand your long-term financial needs at a time when your life is changing.

Then, you would need to negotiate a financial settlement that puts you in the best possible financial position. At the same time, your spouse is also trying to maximize their financial resources. Eventually, all the financial issues will be resolved.

Custody Disagreements

If there are children involved, the parents would need to reach an agreement that resolves all the key custody issues, such as:

  • Physical custody
  • Legal custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support

Both parents want what they think is best for their children. Because parenting is such an emotional issue for both, there may be difficulties compromising.

In many cases, two parents have resolved all other issues, but custody is the last outstanding area of disagreement.

Special Issues Involving the Children

In a best-case scenario, the children are healthy, and there are no additional complications. However, the children may have their own special needs. There could be educational challenges or disabilities at play. These could introduce other areas of disagreement as the parents try to negotiate costs and special arrangements.

Even if the parents can agree on a solution now, it does not mean things will stay that way. Special Issues could result in potential modifications to a court order in the future. You should negotiate an agreement now that covers as many contingencies as possible.


The experts will always tell parents to remain as civil as possible; it is what parents should aim for, but it is not always the case. Divorce has emotions involved. It is undeniable. However, you must do everything possible to keep tensions from spiraling out of control. The best thing that you can do is take a step back.

Although hiring a lawyer is not the answer to everything, it can take some of the burden off your plate. The less of the complicated details you need to handle, the more you can focus on your own needs. At a minimum, an attorney can help you distance yourself from the situation. It is better when someone else can negotiate with the other spouse’s attorney, as opposed to you speaking with the spouse directly.

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